Staying in touch together digitally – our first virtual event

With our virtual event platform, we remain digitally connected with our customers even in the times of Corona. A review of our first virtual event. 

In the past weeks, we learned that extreme situations get things realized that we previously thought of as impossible. Corona seems to be the biggest accelerator of digitalization, even if under the worst circumstances. Quite apart from the way we currently communicate with each other and the way schools and kindergartens are trying to cope with this new situation, it is above all the economy that has to face great challenges. How can we ensure that work is efficient and as risk-free as possible? And above all: How can we manage to stay in touch with our customers? 

New ways to stay in contact with our customers within our virtual event

Trade fairs are a crucial instrument for many companies to get in touch with existing and potential new customers. The large number of postponed or cancelled trade fairs caused by Corona represent a real challenge for the industry. So what to do? For Balluff it was no an option to simply stand still in the current situation. So our first virtual event was the starting point for our virtual event platform, an online contact point to digitally experience the world of automation with Balluff. 

Live sessions, Technical Insights and external Keynotes 

It quickly became clear for us that a real trade fair cannot be represented 1:1 in the digital space. So alternatives had to be created. With our virtual event we wanted to show that #balluffstaysonline. And because customer contact is our greatest ambition, we intended the event primarily to facilitate a dialogue. In order to be interesting for a broad customer base, we therefore filled the agenda of the event with various topics and subject areas. In addition to the live presentation of new products and their possible applications, numerous hands-on tutorials on the topics of IO-Link or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the agenda also included keynotes on currently relevant topics. For example, our Managing Director Florian Hermle draw a positioning on the digital transformation at Balluff. And furthermore, external experts gave some presentations on industrial automation and digitalization. 


Our virtual event platform is permanently accessible online and of course all contents of our previous events are also available there on demand. We are looking forward to your visit! 

By following this link you will be directed to our event platform. Take a look at all our session contents.

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