Device Discovery

SAMS feature Device Discovery – Locate IO-Link devices in the field

In many applications, identical IO-Link devices are used in close proximity to each other.
If one of these IO-Link devices has to be replaced, e.g. due to a defect, confusion can arise.

This can be remedied by the “Device Discovery” function, which can be used to clearly locate a SAMS device in the field.

A signaling on the LED of the device is started via a system command (LED flashes blue).

The duration of the signal can be set via the “Device Discovery Timeout parameter.
A value range between 0 and 30 minutes is possible.

Device Discovery of a particular sensor in a CNC Machining center
Identifying a defective sensor by the Device Discovery Function in Semiconductor Industry
Device Discovery of a SmartLight indicators in a logistics rack

More information on the SAMS Smart Sensor functionalities in this overview

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