Extreme Environment Signal

Did you know our Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) Products are providing you an accumulated time information during which the Products were exposed to higher than usual expected vibration, humidity and temperature?

As user of this SAMS Products you are able to program the threshold individually for each of this three smart features of condition monitoring (vibration, humidity and temperature). According to the application and geographical location you are able to combine and program this feature to get reliable information on the environment your equipment was used over time.

Imagine you have a plastic injection machine which is working somewhere in a plant south of Europe during winter time and a SAMS Product provides you the average temperature signal at around 60°C. During summer time with outside temperatures more than 40°C for sure you will get a much higher temperature signal out of the SAMS Product. Through logging this signal during lifetime of the equipment you are able to monitor and evaluate the time your machine was used close or over your defined limits.

Considering that time is money, often the end user of a milling machine needs to increase the throughput. Programming the vibration threshold within a SAMS Product (installed as example in the spindle) on an usual working value, you will get a cumulated extreme environment time signal as soon as the machine feed rate is increased.

This documented facts for sure will not only help you in case of maintenance work during warranty.

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